Of Kukasheka And The ‘I Don’t Know’ Attitude By Najeeb Maigatari

Next time the Nigerian military should think twice before sending the likes of Col. KukaSheka as witnesses in a court hearing. The old man is seemingly oblivious of the fact that he’s testifying before court of law in one of the most sensitive issues in Nigeria today. The State Vs Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H).

It was this same Kukasheka who on December the 12th, 2015 in his ‘asinine statement’ to men of press alleged that, and I quote: “they narrowly escaped an assassination plot” at the hands of El Zakzaky boys. It’s worth noting that Kukasheka was referring to the convoy of COAS, Lt. Tukur Buratai.

And today Kukasheka was ‘shitting his pants’ all over by trying to play dumb before the Kaduna High Court. He acted as though he knew nothing about the Zaria Massacre, answering all questions directed at him ineptly. The same old man who was bold to speak before men of press and spewed all kinds of lies five years ago, has today lost the confidence to remember not even his name, perhaps?

His foolish answers before the court today provided few points to ponder. First is the abysmal possibility that Kukasheka could be playing the court in a sinister move to have the hearing continue at a snail’s pace, upon which Sheikh Zakzaky’s health and that of his wife will further deteriorate.

If it happens to be true, in any case, Kukasheka should be severely penalized for his attempt to subvert case hearing as critical as this. And also for his attempt to ridicule the court.

Second, which seems more like it, is that Kukasheka is trying to exonerate himself from the heinous crime they committed during the Zaria Massacre where over a thousand innocent civilians were killed in cold blood, and later, their corpses mass buried.

He, of all people, should know better that the key role he played during that massacre can neither be forgotten nor forgiven, and let alone be exonerated. He is one of the principal architects of the extrajudicial killing of over a thousand innocent citizens, for which he MUST be held accountable, and punished accordingly in here and hereafter. To add salt to his injury, let me remind Kukasheka that the ICC in the Hague still awaits him.

Third is the fact that truth can never be extinguished and falsehood will always perish. In spite of their tireless effort to cover up the truth about the Zaria Massacre, it’s now becoming clear by day that they’ve actually woefully failed- and always will! No amount of sponsored propaganda or campaign of calumny will ever be enough to bury under carpet a crime as heinous as Zaria Massacre. Never!

If I were in a position to advise Kukasheka, and the Nigerian military by extension, I would have asked him [them] to save himself [themselves] the shame and come clean about it all. Inviting more shame does them no good. But unfortunately, terribly shameless liars they are! They will lie, times and again. Then another. Repeat some more, till when the lie is itself tired of their lies. And that’s exactly when the likes of Kukasheka go berserk and answer every question as “I don’t Know”. “I also read from the newspaper”. “Well, blah blah.. I forgot”.

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