Call to Muslim Unity Must be Upheld- Mrs Baraka


By Muhammad Isa Ahmad

Malama Baraka of Qadiriyya Order and Musbahu Yusuf Makwarari were the special invited guest speakers at the 1st Day of Rabiul Auwal 1442 marking the fall of Maulid organized by the Sister’s forum of the Islamic Movement In Nigeria under the leadership of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in Kano on Sunday 1st Rabiul Auwal 1442 (18/10/2020) held at Imam Aliy Ridha (AS) markaz, Kofar Waika Kano.


In their speech at the maulud celebration both speakers have expressed gratitude to Allah (T) for witnessing another Maulid season. They also appreciate the efforts of the  followers of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) in organising Maulid Nabiy Programmes Nabiy (S) with the call towards Muslim Unity. The Speakers praised the exemplary character of Shaikh Muhammad Turi among the true followers of Shaikh Zakzaky.


Speaking further, Mal Musbahu pointed out the sublime status and position of the Noble Prophet Muhammad (S) and his members of household (Ahlul Bait (AS)) citing references from Sunni sources.


They Speakers prayed to Allah (T) for the unconditional release of Shaikh Zakzaky, his wife Malama Zeenatudeen and his followers who are held in detention unjustly.


Malama Maimuna Abdullahi the leader of Sisters Forum in Kano, in her vote of thanks speech,  expressed gratitude to Allah (T) for yet seeing another Maulid period while praying for the unconditional release of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), Malama Zeenatudden and followers of the Shaikh.


Earlier the Sisters unit of Hurras had made a dignified honoring parade of Maulud and also amplified songs of maulud from Ittihadul Shua’arah of the Islamic movement. Malama Maimuna also presented a maulud gift to Malama Baraka and Mal Bashir Sabon titi to Mal Musbahu Yusuf.


Malama Baraka and Malama Maimuna Abdullahi cut the Maulid cake.


The first Maulid day correspond with the Zaria Massacre of 1st Rabiul Auwal 1437 ( 12th December 2015) by the Nigerian Soldiers where about 1,000 folloowers of Sheikh Zakzaky, among them women and children,  were killed.

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