Annual Arbaeen of Imam Husain (AS) Marked in Kano


By Muhammad Isah Ahmad

The annual Arbaeen in commemoration of the massacre of Imam Husain (AS) and his 72 followers in the plain of Karbala on 10th Muharram 61AH is marked on every 20th of Safar of the Islamic calendar. This year it was marked on Thursday the 8th of October, 2020.


The city of Karbala has witnessed millions of faithfuls and sympathizers form different parts of the world to mark Ashura massacre of Imam Husain at Karbala, the similarity of such massacre was never recorded in human history.

In Nigeria, the Annual Arbaeen symbolic trek and Arbaeen day has been marked by the followers Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, the leader of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria in Abuja and other places.

In Kano city after the Arbaeen Symbolic trek that was conducted on Tuesday 18th Safar, 1442 (6/10/2020), the Arbaeen day was marked in the city center where thousands matched through major streets in Kano city on Thursday 20th Safar, 1442 (8/10/2020). The Arbaeen mourners chanted songs and slogans in love of Imam Husain (AS) while passing the message of the Noble Prophet (AS) of Al-Islam regarding the lofty status of Ahlulbayt AS.

The Arbaeen matching in Kano could not start from Mumbayya House as announced earlier due to presence of security forces. The peaceful matching later kicked up from Danbatta Open Space close to Kofar Ruwa to avoid any confrontation with police.

The Mourners also called for the immediate release of its Leader Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zeenatuddeen Ibraheem who were held in detention since 12th December, 2015 after Zaria massacre by Buhari and his government despite the December 2016 High Court Judgement which ordered for his immediate release and paying of compensation.

Mal Bashir Sabon Titi gave a brief speech at the end of the Arbaeen match with a closing prayer from Mal Aliy Rimin Gado marked the end of this year Arbaeen in Kano and the participants dispersed peacefully.

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