Tribute To The Lights Of Resistance By Haruna Magashi Esq

When the lights of hope, struggle and resistance were kindled, the oppressors and enemies of progress bent on extinguishing them with every might they feel they have. Little do they know that those dimly lit candles have already illuminated the path of struggle.

That has been the case of the 3 blossoming flowers that were kindled by the icon of struggle and resistance. Already flourishing and lightening the paths of struggle, the tyrant became scared and uneased. Thus, planned to extinguish those kindles. Little did they know that their lights had already been a source of guidance to several upcoming generation.

The oppressors undertook the most heinous act of the times. Their prime target, the Lion of Struggle and father of the 3 bright stars seemed unreachable to them at the time. Hence, they planned to launch an attack on the 3 sources of lights to the younger generation. The plan was to take those lights off the resistance field and leave it in total darkness. Thus, the charismatic Commander, the think-tank General of the resistance and the learned Shehu were targeted for assassination.

On that fateful Friday 25th of July 2014, the evil plan was executed. The 3 kindled lights were extinguished in the most inhuman and barbaric way. A bullet in the heart would have sufficed. But the enemy could not hide their ravaging anger. They went ahead and tortured those young pure souls until the Imam of their time received them.

The father, the Lion of Africa was wounded in the heart. The enemy had carefully planned to provoke him to launch a reprisal attack. Along with the Lioness and Queen of resistance, he carefully calculated his move and choose to launch an intellectual cold counter by engaging the hearts of the populace. Half of the nation paid condolence and condemned the oppressor.

The absence of the 3 kindles did not in any way halt the struggle and resistance, which continued with agility. The seemingly extinguished candles had already illuminated the hearts of numerous youngsters and turned them into real strugglers.

Such is the path of struggle and resistance. Heroes appear and depart. But the path remains, so also icons of resistance. The kindle of resistance can never be extinguished.

To my 3 heroes and the multitudes of those that had gone down along with them on the same day, your lights have illuminated our path. Your blood has watered the trees and they have yielded beautiful flowers. Rest on my Comrades! Your struggle shall not be in vain. Peace be upon you on the day you were born, the day you were martyred and the day you shall be raised alive.

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