Another Strategy To Keep Our Leader in detention From Kaduna State Government

By Gboy Abdulmumeen Salis

Youngest Activist.

4th August, 2020

This morning I saw a media chat of BBC Hausa and the Governor of Kaduna State Nasiru Elrufai on current situation of covid-19 pandemic in Kaduna State.

In the chat, Elrufai stated that the state may likely go on another lockdown due to the high number of cases in the state.

You may recall that after Zaria Massacre of 12th-14th of December, 2015, some brothers of the Islamic Movement were arrested and arraigned before court for about 8 charges, including culpable homicide for the death of one Dan Kaduna during the massacre, criminal conspiracy and 6 others.

After many sittings and adjournments of delay strategy, the brothers were discharged and acquitted by the 2 judges who presided over the case.

On the same trump-up  charges, Sheikh Zakzaky (H) and his wife, Malama Zeenah were arraigned before the same court in Kaduna for abetting the acquitted brothers to commit those 8 charges.

Since the brothers were found innocent by 2 different judges, discharged and acquitted, the lead counsel of Sheikh Zakzaky (H), Bar. Femi Falana (SAN) requested the court to dismiss and acquit Sheikh Zakzaky (H) because if the people whom were arraigned for committing a crime were found innocent, someone that is suspected to have abet them to commit the same crime cannot be found guilty.



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