"I CAN’T BREATHE! I CANT’T BREATHE!! - The World Says No to Racism

By Muhammad Isah Ahmad

"I CAN’T BREATHE! I CANT’T BREATHE!!  was the echo that filed the air of the rally organized by Islamic Movement in Nigeria at Kano after Friday prayers, on 5th June, 2020.

Shaikh Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki speaking and the rally extended condolence of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria over the murder of George Floyd in USA by its security forces. Police Officer pressed his knee over the neck as George could not breathe. George kept saying “ I can’t breathe, I can’t breathe until he gave up”. This form of oppression is just one of its kinds by American security forces and in most cases such oppressions is based on racism and social difference.

Shaikh Sunusi further reiterated that at least the world is further seeing cases of state violence in. America, Israel and their cohorts. At the world has seen the same form and pattern of suppression in the case of George Flyod which is similar to the ones seen meted by Israel security forces on Palestinians. In Nigeria too security forces killed over thousand of Shaikh Zakzaky’s followers and dumped hundreds in mass grave in December 2015.

He then called for all humanity to unite irrespective of race, colur and religion against any oppression in any form. He called on all to condemn oppression and oppressors which include Trump, Netanyahu, Buhari etc as there would not be peace without justice.

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