Throwback: Stars On Their Shoulders; Blood On Their Hands

An expose By Amnesty International

In the course of security operations against Boko Haram in north-east Nigeria, Nigerian military forces have extrajudicially executed more than 1,200 people; they have arbitrarily
arrested at least 20,0001 people, mostly young men and boys; and have committed countless acts of torture.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of Nigerians have become victims of enforced disappearance; and at least 7,000 people have died in military detention as a result of starvation, extreme overcrowding and denial of medical assistance.

Amnesty International has concluded that these acts, committed in the context of a non-international armed conflict, constitute war crimes for which military commanders bear both individual and command responsibility, and may amount to crimes against humanity.

Specifically, Amnesty International names five high-ranking military officials who were in charge of operations in north-east Nigeria from 2012 to date, as well as two Chiefs of Army Staff and two Chiefs of Defence Staff, who should be investigated for potential individual and command responsibility for these crimes.

Amnesty International has handed over the names of these officers, as well as other officers not named in this report, and related evidence to
the International Criminal Court.

This report is based on more than 412 interviews with victims, their relatives, eyewitnesses, human rights activists, doctors, journalists, lawyers and military sources. Amnesty
International also analysed more than 90 videos and numerous photographs showing members of the security forces and their allied militia, the Civilian Joint Task Force, committing violations.

Amnesty International independently interviewed eight military sources, and examined more than 800 official documents, including military reports and other correspondence between
military units based in the north-east and Defence Headquarters.

Amnesty International shared its findings with the Nigerian authorities during dozens of meeting as well as 55 written submissions, requesting information and specific action to
address the violations. Government responses are reflected in relevant sections of this report.

We intend to serialize this book.

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