Major Mosques in Britain Close Doors to Congregational Prayers

The mosques include London Central Mosque, East London Mosque, Birmingham Central Mosque, Manchester Central Mosque and Edinburgh Central Mosque.

In a joint statement the mosques said they had unanimously agreed that the Shari’ah states the “preservation of life takes precedence over the public commission of significant acts of worship” and that “harm must be removed,” reported.

They stated: “For these reasons, the undersigned are cancelling all major activities at their mosques, effective from the date of this statement, as a temporary measure. This includes: Jumu’ah (Friday) prayers, daily congregational prayers, madrasah and educational classes, conferences and other regular lectures.

“We ask everyone to pray salah at home, this includes Jumu’ah, which should be replaced with the normal dhuhr (mid-day prayer consisting of 4 raka’at) prayer. Our mosques and Islamic centres shall ensure that telephone and online consultations with imams are regularly available during this period…

“The onset of mass self-isolation gives the opportunity to reconnect with Allah Ta’ala in moments of seclusion rarely gifted in today’s world, allowing us to rediscover the Quran in preparation for Ramadan, praying Jema’ah with our family or performing additional acts of worship that have been largely ignored.”

Source: IQNA

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