Islamic Movement In Nigeria Sympathises With Victims of COVID-19

By Muhammad Isa Ahmad

25th Rajab coincided with the day Imam Musa bin Ja’afar Sadiq (AS), the 6th Imam of Islam was martyred 1,257 years ago . On Friday the 25th Rajab, 1441 (March 20th, 2020) Shaikh Sunusi AbdulKadir Koki,  after the Friday prayers rally reminded the gathering on the great Personality Imam Kazim (AS), a brief of his life, obedience and servitude to Allah (T)- the great figure who is worthy of emulation.

The Sheikh  also extended condolence and sympathy to the great leader Ayatullah Aliy Khamnaei, all victims of the global epidemic covid-19 popularly known as corona virus which today has reached to some countries of the world and gradually reaching even Nigeria. He called on every person to take heed to advice given by medical professional to help stop its spread while praying to the Almighty for His protection, and removal of the epidemic disease. He also called on unity while uplifting justice among people and preventing injustice. On December 12-14th at Gyallsu Zaria, the world had seen the atrocities committed by the savage Nigerian government of Buhari on defenseless people  killing about 1000 while  injuring many others followed by a mass grave of of hundreds of victims in which many were alives. He denounced the silence of people on the crime. while calling for the immediate release of Shaikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and his wife Malama Zenatuddeen.

Dr Lawan Rogo at the rally enlighten the populace on COVID-19 and safety measures to be taken to prevent its spread and what to do if symptoms are noticed.

A prayer from Shaikh Sunusi marked the end of the rally.

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