Definition Of Justice From The Words Of Imam Ali

Imam Ali (AS) said: Justice is the architecture (the complex or carefully designed structure) of the society, the geometry of the society (the shape and relative arrangement of the parts of the society). Imam Ali (AS) added: Justice is that you place everything in its place, there is a suitable place for any talk/speech, and for any place there is a suitable speech. Because if the words are inappropriate, it is irritating and painful, and if in a place that appropriate words are not said, deficiency is felt. 
Imam Ali (AS) said: Put everything in its place, this is the meaning of justice. In another narration (Hadith), a person asked Imam Ali (AS): Who is wise? Imam (AS) replied: The wise is the one who carries out any task/action in its appropriate place, talks appropriately, writes appropriately; and his/her words, behaviour, writing, standing, and sitting are all appropriate [1].

[1] Parts of speech by the Grand Ayatollah Javadi Amoli, (Amol, Iran), 1 March 2005 as Reported by

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