AFIMN Launches Awareness Campaign On COVID-19

By Ammar M. Rajab

The Academic forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, AFIMN, under the leadership of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky has launched an awareness campaign on COVID-19. 

This was announced by it is media committee led by Yusuf Hamisu in an interview with THE STRUGGLE NEWSPAPER in Abuja.

The forum stressed that amidst this pandemic they would not hesitate in using social media platforms to enlight people on how to protect themselves and people around them from infecting with the virus. 

The forum maintained that; with the help of their research team which comprises health personnel they will disseminate and broadcast factual information that will enlight the general public on the dangers of the virus and ways of protecting themselves, and also fight fake news which some social media handles peddled about the corona virus. 

They also advised the general public to abide by the rules health personnel gave on how some will protect themselves and those around them. 

They finally gave their social media handles for social media users to follow them for receiving information regarding the pandemic. 

While commenting on how they can be reached, he said "on Facebook you can follow us and Twitter @afimnguide," it concluded.

Below are some of the additional pictures of the awareness released by the forum: 

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