Tehran Gallery To Showcase Actor Hamid Jebelli’s Photos Of Masuleh

TEHRAN – Veteran actor Hamid Jebelli plans to display a collection of photos he has taken from Masuleh, a popular resort in northern Iran, in an exhibition at Tehran’s Atbin Gallery.

The actor-cum-director, who is famous for his pleasant acting roles in various films, took the photos while he was acting on location in Masuleh for director Nasser Taqvai’s 1988 film “Oh Iran”

“I was in Masuleh to act in the film but the changes of the season and the climate made us stay in the region for one year. I sometimes did the film photography and took photos of the village since I was always carrying my camera with me,” he said in a press release published by Atbin on Wednesday.

“The collection including 70 photos has been published in a book named ‘Masuleh 88’ and a selection of 30 will go on view in the gallery opening on Friday”, he added.

Jebelli displayed a collection of his paintings for the first time at Atbin Gallery last year.

The London branch of CAMA – Contemporary and Modern Art Gallery, also hosted an exhibition of photos by a number of prestigious Iranian filmmakers during September 2018, in which photos by Jebelli were exhibited.

Jebelli is also an old hand at the photography of theaters.

The exhibit will be running until January 29 at the gallery located at 42 Khakzad Alley, Vali-e Asr Ave near the Parkway Intersection.

Photo: A poster for Hamid Jebelli’s Masuleh 88 exhibition.

Source: Tehran Times

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